Indoor positioning and navigation

for Android

WiFiLine is an Android application for indoor positioning based on circumstantial WiFi signals. WiFiLine allows you to locate yourself in buildings populated with WiFi hotspots, which is the case for most of bussiness centers and shopping malls.

For every such place, WiFiLine uses a special map consisting of the place's floor plan and a set of WiFi signal measurements. WiFi hotspots, whose signals are used for position detection, do not have to be public hotspots. All what is important for WiFiLine is WiFi signals of existing hotspots measured at various points.

Existing maps are hosted on the server and can be downloaded just within WiFiLine. If you can't find a map for a place which you are interested in, you can build such a map yourself during a visit to the place. Think of yourself as of a pioneer. ;-) This is a great chance to become famous and receive acknowledgements.

Share your favourite place's map with others

  • 1. Draw a floorplan
  • 2. Measure WiFi signals indoors
  • 3. Share the configured map

Get found indoors

  • 1. Find and download a readymade map
  • 2. Go inside the place
  • 3. Get your location and directions

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